Born and raised in Buenos Aires- Argentina, Valiente discovered the stage as a little girl: She stepped on to it as an 8-year-old and hasn’t left it since.

In her home town she mainly focused on theater and acting but also attended a musical school and completed her professional training privately with several vocal coaches. That’s the reason, she didn’t only participate in movies and plays in the city of tango, but could also be seen in musicals and shows as a singer.

In 2014 Valiente moved to Vienna where she fulfilled one of her biggest dreams, by combining her passions for acting, humor and oldies music: She started her own band!

Being new to the city and wanting to make herself known by bringing her performance closer to the people, she decided to become a busker. As chance would have it, the Transport Company of Vienna decided to launch the project “U-Bahn-Stars” (Metro Stars) a month later, where after passing 3 casting stages, she became part of the first selection of artists responsible to bring life to some of the main metro stations of the city.

In parallel to the “Metro Stars” she presents herself with two different bands in two different shows: “Love is an evergreen”, with music of the 50s and 60s in a fresh vintage style and “Latina”, a show with oldies, that everybody knows and loves, that have been rearranged in 17 different Latin American rhythms to sing and dance to. Although the two shows are very different, they have three things in common: oldies, humor and a thread. For Valiente, as an actress, doesn´t give “regular” concerts, but shows, where all songs are united under a concept, a story.

In the summer 2019 Valiente released her first single, an Argentinian cumbia called “Unicornio” (unicorn), which the audience voted the summer hit of 2020 on Radio Wien (the official radio station of Viena).

Whether as an actress or as a singer, she feels at home in the limelight.

One thing is clear after hearing and seeing her perform: Her passion for oldies comes from the bottom of her heart. When asked why she is so in love with that era of music, she responds: “My soul must be 80 years old!”.

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